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kill me. i'm just the messenger. goodnight.uch for new developments tonight in the benghazi scandal at the center of these coach. s developments, an incriminates e-mail. the white house hastily constructed what was an awkward some might say clumsy defense of their words and actions. the white house now claims there were two, two sets of talking points given to susan rice before she went on five sunday talk shows and famously and repeatedly lied to the nation about what happened this benghazi. the new white house examination comes one day after a freedom of
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information request by judicial watch produced the incriminal natures e-mail from rhodes to 12 members of the president's senior staff. the e-mail dated september 14 with the subject line reading prep call with susan states the goal for her national tv appearances was, quote, to underscore that these protests are rooted in an internet video and not a broader failure of policy. press secretary jay carney today struggled to attempt to persuade the white house press core that this e-mail was not even about benghazi. >> it was specifically not about benghazi, it was about the overall situation in the region, the muslim world, where you saw protests out seed of embassy facilities across the region. this so-called talking appointments around benghazi as
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you know because it's been substantially reported on were prepared by the cia. and in this case, the overall issue of unrest in the muslim world. >> so then why did the white house hold back this back this e-mail, a document that was originally classified before being released to congress, but in redacted form to protect the author and the recipient if there were allege two sets of talking points? and why was it released at all if it did not pertain to benghazi because that was the specific request by the freedom of information asserted by judicial watch. jay carney then was asked the question directly and simply would not answer. >> why were you holding back this information, why was this
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e-mail not released? this is directly relevant. why did it take a court case for you to release this? >> i can say again and again and you can keep asking again and again, this document was not about benghazi. >> it was a prep for her sunday shows. >> it wasn't her only prep. she relied on for her answers on ben gaz zghazi for the document prepared by cia. >> but former deputy director testified in front of the house intelligence committee and in that testimony, he stated unwe could unequivocally that his operatives did not link the shred i don't to t video to the benghazi attack. p. >> my reaction was that's not something the analysts have at contribute are butted this attack to. >> he's not allege beways been
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consistent in telling his story. you remember he blamed the fbi in those talking points. and morell now for the record now works for cbs as a national security analyst where that news division president is the brother of white house staffer ben rhodes. the crony conflicts begin to add up. the obama administration's troubles don't end there. a new state department report reporting a surge of al qaeda affiliates now pose a serious threat to the united states. the report finds there has been a 40% increase and terrorist attacks worldwide between 2012 and 2013. the state department singled out iran reiterating it's a major state sponsored terrorism that continues to defy demands to prove its nuclear ambitions are
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entirely peaceful. all this as an increasing number of americans say they don't want america to be the world's police or nation builders. this according to a new poll, 47% say we should reduce our level of international engagement, 19% say we should be more active, while 30% say our involvement should remain the same. for more now on the obama administration's foreign policy failures, the latest developments in the benghazi scandal, we are joined by former u.s. ambassador to the united nations john bolton. good to have you with us. i'm going to if i may start in process with this white house. they now claim there were two sets of talking points. your reaction. >> these people can't keep their stories straight. and this e-mail from ben rhodes
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is a significant piece of evidence that demonstrates something we've known from the get-go. they were either engaged in a systemic coverup of falsehoods to prevent anybody from arguing that their policy had failed and that's what rhodes' memo says expressly, or they were so blinded by ideology that they couldn't tell the difference. this is something that people at the white house like rhodes are lucky they haven't had to testify because they're right on the edge of perjury here as is mike morell. >> i was going to ask you about the cia deputy director and acting director for a while. his testimony controverts what the white house is defending itself with. this is almost -- this borders on the preposterous, does it not? the awkward explan iationexplan
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fact that this is unredacted now but was redacted when it was sent to congress. it's preposterous that the white house would say it has nothing to do with benghazi when that is precisely what it is responding to, the issue of benghazi. >> of course. and the e-mail from ben rhodes itself says these demonstrations. by their own admission, that includes benghazi. look, i think the administration and the cia have gravely wounded the agency here. and what they're guilty of is what the bush administration is on which being often accused of but didn't do and that is politicizing intelligence. this is inevitably a political judgment. let the administration make it case an hold them politically accountable. but trying to hide behind the cia is a big mistake from the top of the agency on down. >> how significant do you think
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this development is? is this perhaps a pivotal point in which we will begin to see a, one would hope, an opening in the stone wall and the reality, the truth come spilling out? >> well, i certainly hope so. and let's start with susan rice and the five sunday talk shows. i really think she's a side show, an irrelevance city. the real question is where was hillary clinton. where was hillary clinton. susan rice wrote an op-ed saying mrs. clinton was overwhelmed by the events of that week. that's why she was picked to go on the sunday talk shows. that's the reason, she was kree emotionally disturbed? i want an answer to that especially if she decides for run for president. >> and more than a mild curiosity that one would ask where was the president. >> and what has the president
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done in the last 18 months. that is the biggest failure of all. terrorists got away with this scot-free. it's a terrible lesson for the terrorists, and for americane e a adversaries all over the world. >> and the latest report on al qaeda, 43% increase in terrorist attacks.>> and the latest repor qaeda, 43% increase in terrorist attacks. 2012, 2013. this as the administration itself was saying al qaeda was on the run and basically a countdone deal. your thoughts. >> this is the ideology of the administration being rebutted by the facts and the director of national intelligence, james clapper, testified a few months ago that the threat from al qaeda was essentially the same as it was just before 9/11. so the entire political narrative in fact is policy fai don't have enough discussion of it in the overall national
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debate. that's what our friends in the mainstream media ought to be asking themselves, how they can look at these facts and not bring it into discussion. forget what happened at benghazi. what about the continuing global war on terrorism that the administration doesn't want to talk about. >> i concur with you entirely except for the part about forget about benghazi. i know what you mean. >> it's very much a part of it. shows the war on terror is very much with us. >> great to have you with us. house speaker boehner denies he was mocking his fellow republicans and denies there is a secret conspiracy to jam through immigration legislation. senator jeff sessions with us tonight to tell the ruth about a tonight to tell the ruth about a worsenif i told you that ap. free ten-second test
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our next guest voted to block the federal minimum wage bill from proceeding. joining us is senatis senator j sessions, a member of a number of very important committees. senator, great to have you with us. the minimum wage, the president has pivoted to the economy and to jobs and wages, income inequality. your thoughts about the pivot and the minimum wage. 39 states already have a higher minimum wage. give us your perspective, if you would, senator. >> well, congressional budget office told us this would cost another half million jobs if it were to pass. fundamentally the american worker is hurting. and we need to understand that. we need to create in this country and desperately need to create a growth pattern that
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takes us from this stagnation to reezing wages and better employment data. and it's just not happening under the president's policies. each one of which are hurting growth. f such as regulation, taxes and obamacare, all of those are hurting the economy. >> i want for shift to immigration legislation. the house of representatives particularly the house judiciary committee has taken the lead on immigration legislation and i think andpport the four bills that they have moved out of committee and now the gop seems to be intent on destroying that leadership advantage. the four bills amount to me at least to a very important legislative initiative and speaker boehner has just thrown
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it all away. reversing himself nine times on immigration legislation or reform, and now mocks his colleagues and then denies he was mocking them. what is going on? >> look, there does seem to be some confusion, but we have to recognize and give the credit to the house that they have blocked the senate bill thank goodness which would have been a disaster. but if you care about workers, you want to see their wages increase, you want to see them and their children have a chance to have good jobs, you have to have a reasonable below into america, not an excess below as experts tell us now. one of the big factors in the decline of wages is this extraordinary flow of legal and illegal immigration into america. so we need a lawful system that people can be proud of that serves our national interests and protects american workers. that is legitimate interest of public officials.
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and i wish -- i think speaker boehner needs to be focused on that. and all of the issues that relate to it. >> mark zuckerberg has been at the forefront on aggressively seeking comprehensive immigration reform. what is your assessment of how amnesty would affect minorities in silicon valley and the labor market there? >> you know, they talk like they're asking for comprehensive reform, not just reform that would help silicon valley with higher educated workers. that's not what they're supporting. they're supporting the whole thing which would bring in millions of low skilled workers, doubling the number of workers that would come to the country, not just to work on farms, but take all kinds of jobs. african americans, hispanic are
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hurting. wages are falling. and i will inbelieve in a free . if we don't have a surplus of workers, can why are wages falling. if we have a shortage of workers, why are wages going up. >> as we wrap up here, senator, this divide in the gop particularly over immigration, but other issues, as well, is this a point at which -- has this reached a point at which the republican party is jeopardizing what looks to be a november victory for the party? >> lou, i truly believe that we need to make crystal clear that we represent the average american worker and their interests. and we're going to fight for them. it's not about big business. they're doing fine. it's not about entrepreneurs. they take their risk and some make it and some don't. it's about the millions of people every day that try to do
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the right thing that are not doing well. and our principle will work for them. we need to articulate that and address urss as their protector and their defender. and if we do it effectively, i think this could be a good rear for t years for the republicans. if they use classic pro business rhetoric, it won't be so good. >> senator jeff sessions, always good to talk with you. will be ba president clinton from list asian trip. his poll numbers at record
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president obama returning from asia to a lot of bad numbers as his administration is trying to focus on the midterm elections. the president's job approval sinking to a new low. 41% in the latest "washington post" abc news poll, 13 points below his standing at this time in 2010. democrats taking a hit, 53% of
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voters now support a republican controlled congress as a counter balance to the president's policies. 39% supporting democrats. here to talk about the political impact of it all, former arkansas governor, host of the huckabee show on the fox news channel, mike huckabee. governor, great to have you with us. first your reaction if we may, governor, to these numbers showing the president under water. he has as he has been for just about eight months, but this is a new low. >> it is a new low. and i think it's indicative of the fact that when you talk about the president's policies, the real issue is what are his policies. his policies tend to be let go make a speech because maybe if i make a speech, it will all get better. it's no different than when a mom doesn't really have anyway to ease her child's pain but says let me kiss it and i'll make it better. when you're five years old, you believe that. when you're 50, you don't
8:24 pm
believe it anymore. and i think a lot of people quit believing this president can x things with a speech. they're looking for answers and he hasn't provided any. we've seen obamacare fail and i'm not just talking about the website. we've seen foreign policy fail. the economy is still sputtering. it's easy to understand why his poll numbers are in the toilet. >> and as you know, young people are deserting this president in amazing numbers. a man who had gained the youth vote dominated the youth vote in two elections, suddenly now the millennials so-called just severally disillusioned with this government and all who seem to be involved in this administration. >> a lot of the reason for that is because they were promised that there was going to be a great new wave of hope and optimism, things were going to get better, so they took out huge loans for go to college. then they got out of college and
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they can't get a job, they're living in their parents' basements, they have huge student loans and can't even find minimum wage jobs. two years ago 88% of the young people with were planning on moving back into their parents' homes. nobody goes to college to say, boy, i can't wait to spend four years in college so then i can go back and move in with mom and dad. people are delaying purchasing homes, getting married, having children. the overall sort of cumulative effect of that on the economy is staggering. and that is why i think you're seeing millennials who are disillusioned, many say i'm not even going to vote. only 23% are even planning to vote this fall according to a newer survey by the harvard institute of politics. >> and speaker boehner comes out and says he wasn't mocking his colleagues, he was just teasing the ones he loved. sounding in some part a little like governor jeb bush. are you a little worried that
8:26 pm
the republican leadership could literally just trash the republican chances of retaking the senate with their brand of what they call leadership? >> you know, i've heard a lot of the republican leader sort of wring their hands and say we have to do something some summer about immigration. the only thing worse than doing nothing is doing something that the people don't support. andamnesty. if anything looks like that, they have just thrown away an incredible opportunity to win not only the senate, but gain seats in the house. they have really blown it if they do that. people want border security and immigration reform, but they want a reasonable responsible immigration reform where we actually make it a stream lined process to be able to come here and to do it legally, but not to just sort of look the other way as millions of people cross the borders. we have no idea who they are, why they're coming. what they're going to do when they get here. and whether they have a disease.
8:27 pm
i can't cross the border the other way and just walk in and say i'd like health care, i'd like education, i'd like to make sure that i can drive a car without a license. i can't do that. i think americans have a real sense of fair play. they want immigration reform, but it's got to be reasonable and responsible. and i think republicans are ready for that. but they're not ready for amnesty. >> governor mike huckabee, always good to have you here. good talking with you. the nba ban s clippers owne donald sterling for life. kareem abdul-jabbar joins us next to put it all in context. and what will happen in court. next. (announcer) scottrade knows our clients trade and invest their own way. with scottrade's smart text, i can quickly
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mba banned for life donald sterling, applauded by kareem abdul skjabar. the league's all-time leading scorer. author of the new book titled on the shoulder of giants. kareem, great to have you with us. no one would i rather talk with about this than you. first your reaction to the life time ban on sterling. >> well, i think commissioner silver did a great job in figuring out how to deal with this problem. we've had indications of mr. sterling's character over a very long period of time especially after all the facts came out during the federal issues with refusing to represent his properties to minorities or
8:32 pm
people with small children. that gave you an insight into this man's character. and it took this incident for the league to have the opportunity to deal with him. he has been an embarrassment to basketball and an embarrassment to himself for quite some time. >> last night in talking with our viewers, i said i would love for someone to explain to me from the nba why the longest serving owner, we're talking 33 seasons for crying out loud, no one knew this man's character, knew what he was? i find that in-explik bl. >> they knew about it, but no one had the opportunity to deal with it, no one had the power to deal with it. mr. sterling is a very wealthy person and he has teams of people in plaes, lawyers, other
8:33 pm
people to keep his image at a certain way. certainly to deal with anybody that wants to contradict him and anything on his agenda. so he's been a very difficult person to deal with and this incident is somewhere where he thought there was no scrutiny. once he was really skrut sneezed, all of the masks fell away and we see what he's really all about. >> and i have to say there was a moment that i applauded today, as well, and that was when kevin skron s johnson speaking for the players talked about commissioner silve commissioner, but commissioner of the players, as well. that was a rare moment of solidarity, unity, cohesion, whatever you will. but it was a nice moment that
8:34 pm
we've seen too few of in the nba between the owners and the players. >> commissioner silver had the opportunity to stand up for all of the people in the country, sports fans or not, who think there is no place for people with these types of attitudes. there is no place for them in public discourse. we don't want to hear that. we are a lot better than bigotry and the whole dem of equal opportunity that mr. sterling epitomizes. >> and where do we go from here. a lot of people were under the impression that silver did not have the power to bhan sterling for life. and now it looks like he'll be able to force the sale of the team. how long, how complicated do you judge that process to be. >> i don't think it will be very
8:35 pm
long. it will probably end up in court. but the owners in aggregate have the power to ban somebody and force the sale of the team if that person or that franchise is seen on ket friday mental to the game. they can do that. it's in the bylaws. so three quarters of the team owners have to support that tactic. and if they do, it's on. it's going to happen. and i'm so glad swofrn has tome power to deal with this man. everybody has their right to be bigots, but you we don we don't deal with him where he makes the game look bad around the world
8:36 pm
given his attitudes and things that he says. >> i listened to larry johnson, read the story, read his comments. and i listened to kevin johnson as i said which i thought was the perfect time calling for an all black league, all black owner, charles barclay had it right calling sterling a jackass. perhaps an overstatement when he says we're a black league. >> i think that is a little bit crazy. basketball has attracted -- the nba, rather, has attracted great athletes from around the world. we have people in our league that are from yao ming from china, from you'europe, africa. you name the place, basketball
8:37 pm
players have come from there and come to the nba. it's about your talent. that's what america is all about. the game of basketball epitomizes america's values and it's open and available to you if you have the talent no matter what color your skin is or where you come from. >> it's a pure a mayor to being crass city. we were talking about your new book the on the shoulder of giants. a new movie how. you can tell us where you are with that? and congratulations. >> thank you so much. we got an image award because they thought it was something that told an important story. it's really timely now. it relates to everything that we're going through. you can find out how black americans were involved in the effort to integrate professional basketball. greatest and you'll be
8:38 pm
able to get the information that you want and pick up the movie or hopefully i think we still have some books left to sell. >> it's all there. and i recommend to our audience highly. it's terrific. >> thanks so much. >> kareem, it's great of you to be here. kareem abdul-jabbar. and the greatest >> the greatest tooem.c esest t. >> thanks so much. up next, donald sterling's litigious history suggests he'll end up in court with the nba. what we should all expect and whether he has a case. stick with innovation.
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the wourd of the moment, intransigent. unwilling to refuse to change
8:42 pm
one's views, to be stubborn. does that apply to anyone you know in public life? joining us now, fox news leelue analysts. does donald sterling have a case now that he's being banned for life? >> he's an nba individual that is bound by the nba contract. and the nba has a constitution that says you can be voted out by three quarters of the openers. there are 29 nba owners. all 29 are on board saying you're out, sterling. we don't want you for be part of the nba. >> he could come back and say i don't care about the constitutional bylaws here with the nba. i care about my constitution, the big c, right? i own this team. you can't deprive me of my
8:43 pm
private roproperty. i break on the bylaws, but i'm thinking going forward, he'll here lawyers to make that argument. >> i've heard more than a few lawyers say to me that there is no way that you wave your constitutional rights ever no matter what the circumstance. is this such a case or not? >> that's what he's certainly going to argue. and this could be tied up in the dou courts for years because of that. >> due process was signed away when he became an nba member and he's bound by the agreement. >> let's go to the gold diggers. this thing gets even more interesting. his estranged wife suing the young lady who apparently released these tapes in a gold digger suit because the old fellow was spending a little too much money on the young lady. >> well, a little too much money. for us it's a lot of money. for him, it's like getting a cup of coffee. but she's coming forward and
8:44 pm
saying i want the money back. a bentley, ferraro, condo. this is a -- >> the man had to keep up -- >> keep up appearances. >> certainly. she seems to think it was community property. >> the wife says. but it was. there was no separation of property. >> ask she have a case then? >> the wife certainly has a case. >> i'll stand with the gold digger. the gold digger will say that only applies when you're in dissolution and you're providing up the marital assets. at that point, they weren't this dissolution. it doesn't apply. that's what i'd argue for the gold digger. >> everybody is entitled to a defense, right some tha? thanks for being with us. racism in the nba. donald sterling suspended for
8:45 pm
life and charles barkley says the nba is a black league. leading psychotherapist dr. robby ludwig joins us to tell us what is going on here next. [ male announcer ] if you suffer from a dry mouth then you'll know how uncomfortable it can be. [ crickets chirping ] but did you know that the lack of saliva can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath? [ exhales deeply ] [ male announcer ] well there is biotene. specially formulated with moisturizers and lubricants, biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy, too. [ applause ] biotene -- for people who suffer from dry mouth.
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naacp says donald sterling's life time ban isn't harsh enough. civil rights organization also wants to meet with nba commissioner adam silver to talk about diversity in the executive ranks. or perhaps the naacp thinks the nba should have emulated the naacp and given sterling a lifetime achievement award. maybe just maybe they're trying
8:49 pm
to play a little catch-up with the commissioner when by all accounts including the players organization has done a, if you'll forgive the expression, sterling job. here now to psycho analyze mr. sterling, the obama administration, congressional leaders and indeed the entire society that is now once again talking race, dr. robi ludwig. great to have you here. >> no small job, right? >> first of all, i'm going to start with this. you're talking about one old fool who -- i don't know what his mental condition is. i don't care. i mean that's crazy talk. >> it's disturbing. but there are people who feel this way. they just may be smart enough not to say it. >> how many are there? >> i don't know. but whenever you hear one person
8:50 pm
say something in a group, you know that they're not the only one. and that's what is so disturbing to position this racism still exists. >> it does exist. there are serial killer, all sorts of abhorrent personalities that you work with every day. right. >> my question is, making these these comments is crazy, but there are a lot of other questions going around it. what are we doing as a society, as a culture, how is it that a man who is -- and this is a question i've had from the beginning. 33 years, longest tenured owner and they didn't know that he was an out right racist? >> they probably knew it, but there is something very different when everyone nld world hears someone talking and having a conversation and being so blatantly racist to their mixed girlfriend who is half mexican, half black and saying
8:51 pm
why don't you be a nice white girl. he's basically saying he's in denial about who he's dating and basically telling his girlfriend you should pass as somebody who is white. so it really doesn't make a lot of accepts. but when you hear it, it's different. >> he is a crazy old man talking about as you say passing a -- and she is of a mixed race. and he's telling her not to associate with people who look like her. >> right. >> it is mind boggling. >> but the truth of the matter is we all stereotype. doesn't mean that we're all prejudice. but we all stereotype and we spend to feel more comfortable with people in our open group. we lend more psychological positive qualities for people in our own group. but most people who are intelligent and educated and exposed don't hold on to these
8:52 pm
false krle and other groups p. >> the reaction here, the naacp saying that the nba should have been stronger in its response to sterling. and this after they are about to give him a lifetime achievement award presumably because he donated a bunch of money. p this is setting off all sorts of bizarre responses. >> from what i hear, people like the way the nba handled it, the way the commissioner hammed em handled it. listen, i don't think that this guy should be able to own the team anymore. i know there are legalities. but shall be womeone who owns ah black players, first of all, why are they playing for this guy about that. >> and some players or ex-players say this is a black league. what difference should that make? it would be no less offensive if there were fewer blacks.
8:53 pm
>> listen, one would hope that the players would say, listen, this is just unacceptable, but again, they also have a dream that they want to achieve and perhaps you go in to denial. they're living out their dream and you can say, well, he's offering a certain -- >> do you think this is a pretty -- we'll have to wrap this up. but it looks to me like we're a pretty healthy society. and what i'm hearing a lot of talk about race, you know, there is no question it's out there, but this was handled i think terrifically by the commissioner, by the players association. >> and how wonderful that we're shocked to hear this kind of perspective and that we think it's ill and unacceptable. that's a positive. >> there are subtleties, but we don't accept it anymore and that's a positive. >> i think this thing is an absolutely positive story across just our entire society. and think that there is no
8:54 pm
surprise that frankly the commissioner handled it so well and the players handled it so well. i think r i thithese are all del new realities. >> we have a long way to go, but we're moving in the right direction. >> i don't even buy the long way to go. we're getting closer every day. up next, my commentary on the public's disapp
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8:57 pm
now a few quick thoughts about american political dynasties and american voters. really the vote dynasty and america don't go well together. "wall street journal" and nbc in their latest poll asked americans whether they agree with first lady barbara bush that presidents should not come
8:58 pm
from political dynasties. nearly 7 in 10 americans agreed with mrs. bush who also said there have been enough about yours in the white house. she also said later that her son, jeb, is the best qualified person to run for president. a good mother indeed. that poll however gave me a glimmer of hope about 2016, but then i saw inw two new polls as americans about specific 2016 contenders. and i saw that if the republican nomination for president were up for election today, jeb bush would win or tie with rand paul. and if the election were held today for the democrats, hillary clinton would win her nomination and then in the general election, respectively, she would beat jeb bush 53% to 41%. so we see they hate dynasties, but we love clintons and bushes and kennedys and maybe one day
8:59 pm
soon obamas. or maybe just maybe we make way too much out of poll results. time now for a few of your thoughts. we have a special surprise for the authors of today's e-mails, tweets and face book posts. you will see one of the first copies of my new book, the thriller border war. it is high firmy first figures . written with a former dea agent and law enforcement officer. and now for your thoughts. rita tweeting us, hey, lou, you always look through all the crap and ask the right questions. thank you. dorothy tweeted about last night's poll question. no one believes boehner any more than they do president obama. all in-countnsume wents voted o. e-mail us and follow us on
9:00 pm
twitter. go to our facebook page. links to everything at lou that's it for us tonight. thanks for being with us. ♪ ♪ know. >> i am banning mr. sterling for life. >> the ceo, brendan eich, has been forced to resign. vilified for his work. what is okay to say? the airwaves are filled with fluster and defeat. >> the hash tag cancel koger is trending.
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